Rose Street Artists Market 17.07.11

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Sunday 17th July 2011

This was my second stint at this market and this time I had an inside stall, right in the middle of the upper level. I arranged a mixture of box sizes and black fabric to create a interesting display of brooches and necklaces.

Each display had a theme. There were felt brooches, glass gem brooches, mini jumper brooches, elegant brocades, funky film stock, winter necklaces and clever shoe clips.

I sat in the middle and knitted in the times between the waves of people. Seriously, people came in waves, and with every wave came a purchase. It was the best market I’ve had so far. I even received compliments from the guys as well. The only downside was again the temperature (or lack of it). Well it is winter. And by the end of the day my feet were numb and I was craving a hot shower to thaw out, which I did when I got home. Ahhhh . . .

My next Rose Street market is Sunday 31st July

Rose Street Artists Market
Rose Street, Fitzroy
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