Newport Substation Market 03.12.11

Product Information

Last market at the Substation for 2011 and the weather is fine. When I arrive there is a park for me right out the front – a good omen. It takes me 5 minutes to get everything inside and I’m set up well before opening. To start off my morning I procure a hot coffee and some zucchini slice. It’s 10:30 and a few people are looking around at the stalls. And almost like clockwork, just after 11am a herd of people pour in to the market and start buying.

From that point on I was very busy talking to people and wrapping up pieces. The next ‘wave’ arrives at 2pm, and with it a woman who decides to do a whole lot of Christmas shopping at my stall – 2 shoe clips, a necklace, a hair clip, and 5 brooches – 9 pieces in total. She had family back in Adelaide and thought my wares were beautiful, handmade, unique and perfect to pack in her suitcase. She walked away very happy and left me feeling the same.

In fact, this market day was the best I’ve ever had – and now I have a whole lot more stock to make. I couldn’t be happier. I love making and creating beautiful things. It’s so satsifying, and enhanced by the appreciation shown by people such as the lady above.
Can’t wait until next weekend at Rose Street …