Winter Artisan Markets – June 30th and July 7th 2012

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Winter being the operative word, the mornings are so crisp right now it’s hard to get my fingers working. With frosty breath and clad in layers of wool I haul my wares into the beautiful Northcote Town Hall. It’s an art deco delight, as the photos show, and the sun is streaming in through the windows making the atmosphere light, bright and cheerful. It certainly lifts the mood.
Town Hall ceiling
Once I unload and park the car the setup unfolds. Around 10am I’m ready for a hot cuppa and a friand from the Italian cafe in High Street. Hot and strong Italian coffee gets me going and sets me right for the day ahead.

The day starts off slowly but by the end of it I had sold a few beautiful pieces. I was told the previous week was better. That’s how it goes at markets – never can tell. What really made my day on 30th June was a visit from Caroline and Meg.

Their lovely smiling faces made up for all the time I’d spent acknowledging strangers who silently admired and continued on. You see, the sunny morning turned into a cold and grey day with a serious wind chilll factor. So few people braved the cold but my friends made the effort, and all the way from Sandringham to Northcote. I love them for that (and more).

The final market on the 7th was better for sales, plus I had so many visitors. Admittedly the sun came out, stayed out and warmed up the day. People came out to enjoy the sun, and my sister spent the whole day with me. She brought some of her lovely Swarovsky crystal jewellery pieces to test the market.

One of my pottery students and his wife came in to see us, plus an old friend from high school and her sister. It made me feel so loved and appreciated. We had a really nice day.