My Markets

This is the page to find my upcoming market dates, which will be updated regularly. I have no confirmed bookings at the moment but that will change so come back again to check

If you’re interested in where to find supplies in Melbourne CBD for your next creative project I run a 3 hour discovery Walk through CAE.

Here’s the blurb to entice you . . .

“Walk with practising artisan Nikki Worth to be inspired and find what you need for your next creative project right here in the heart of the city. Discover sources for buttons, beads, bits & bobs, fabrics, paint, canvas, vintage trims, Japanese patterns, and lots more, hidden in the most unlikely places”

More Scheduled Walks for 2012:
Saturday 25th August
Saturday 22nd September
Saturday 10th November
Saturday 8th December

Check the CAE website for details
and call 9652 0611 for bookings

Come along and be inspired . . .

I started doing markets in early 2011 to test the waters and to get some feedback. Two months after I started I decided to keep going. Every market has paid for itself with a tidy sum of pocket money left over.

I’ve met a lot of interesting people along the way – other vendors, who have been very helpful and full of useful tips, and passing visitors offering words of praise and delight at my work. It’s a lovely way to spend one day a week. I especially love the Rose Street Artists Market Cafe – healthy, fresh and fabulous breakfast and lunches and great coffee – saves me having to prepare my own.

So please do come along and see what I have on offer – I make new stock all the time from fabrics I find during the week.

You can also find my work at
Open Drawer
in Hartwell and
Harold and Maude in the Nicholas Building Melbourne

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