Creative Inspiration Walk 28.07.12

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Saturday 28th July 2012

The first Walk for 2012 was 3rd March with 16 participants. The largest group ever and it was a bit wieldy to manage because some locations insisted I split them into 2 so as not to ambush them. The next Walk had the same number but after that I reduced the group to 12 to make it more manageable and pleasant for all.

So far having 12 in the group has worked well. Feedback has been 100% positive since the number was reduced. Previously, with 16, some participants felt on the outer and couldn’t always hear me or the proprietors. The smaller group gives me opportunity to speak to every participant, hear their story and guage how they’re enjoying the ‘ride’. It also gives me time to speak to the proprietors privately, which they seem to appreciate.

The Walk starts at Craft Victoria, meanders down Flinders Lane and explores several floors of old buildings then on to a few mainstream outlets. Three hours goes very quickly, but your feet remind you. Best not to sit down for too long or you find it hard to get up again. But seriously, 3 hours is a perfect amount of time to uncover what the city has to offer in the way of creative supplies and wares. Many places are relatively hidden away, but they are known to some and treasured by all who discover them. Here’s the blurb to entice you . . .

“Walk with practising artisan Nikki Worth to be inspired and find what you need for your next creative project right here in the heart of the city. Discover sources for buttons, beads, bits & bobs, fabrics, paint, canvas, vintage trims, Japanese patterns, and lots more, hidden in the most unlikely places”

More Scheduled Walks for 2012:
Saturday 25th August
Saturday 22nd September
Saturday 10th November
Saturday 8th December

Check the CAE website for details
and call 9652 0611 for bookings

Come along and be inspired . . .