Social Media at Craft Victoria

Product Information

Last night I listened to 3 social media ‘geeks’ explain the whys and wherefores of internet marketing at a seminar entitled “Social Media for your Business”. The speakers were Shelli Whitehurst, Jeremy Irvine and Tess McCabe. To quote the ‘blurb’, “This information session is focused on Twitter, Facebook and blogging, and how to use these platforms to promote small businesses, increase web traffic and create valuable networks.”

So many great points were made, as well as excellent questions posed by audience members. And I thought I knew a fair bit, but it’s always good to brush up on what you think you know, and in fact I learned some really useful new things. For example, marketing is all about creating relationships. It’s not about grand visual presentation, although that is important. People today want to know about you and who you are and that’s best achieved through regular blogging, ‘tweeting’ and/or Facebook. The idea is to pique interest, encourage a conversation and develop a relationship with your audience. Over time it develops loyalty and those people will share their interest in you with their friends and family – networking ! Not a new concept but a new way of doing it.

It was an excellent presentation filled with great tips and tricks, which I hope to follow as from NOW. I may not always stick to the ‘program’ but I will do my best to commit to a Social Media routine.

Do you have a Social Media routine?
I’d love to know how you make it work for you