Rose Street Market 12.02.12

Product Information

First market for the year and it’s a lovely Melbourne day – mild at first, then warm sunshine, followed by summer showers and a fresh breeze. Not quite 4 seasons in one day but close. And despite the unstable weather we had a steady stream of people and today they were interested in buying brooches. I also sold a hairclip, a pair of leather earrings and a necklace. Perhaps they liked my Valentine’s Day display. You can never tell when people will come to the market to buy. February isn’t a great month for sales but that’s not a hard and fast rule. People were chatty and happy to stay and browse, and a friend came by to say hello. She rode her bike from Brunswick to Fitzroy and was hit by the rain but she wasn’t disappointed. The rain was a refreshing cool down for her. We sat and sipped coffee until the close of the market. It was a very pleasant day.