It’s February 2012 already!

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Yes – it’s February already and this is my first post for the year. Last month I was helping to run the 19th FAA International Astrology Conference. I’m on the Victorian Committee and we were the hosts so there was a lot to do – before, duing and after! To make it a little easier on myself I stayed at Ormond College with Julija and Olga. We had lots of fun in our apartment with a grand view of the city. Friday night we smuggled in some friends who also loved the view.

The Pub Night on Saturday was a bit of fun too, as you can see. It was like having a holiday in your own city. The weather was perfect, the venue was great and the company was excellent

Aside from data projector duty I also had my beautiful brooches, fragrant strawberies and History of Astrology DVDs on display for sale at the Conference Trade Fair. It was difficult to ‘man’ the table but I had help from friends, especially Marg who was on hand next door to help if I wasn’t there. Although my being elsewhere wasn’t ideal I did sell a bit of everything. So it was all worthwhile and running between duties was good exercise. In all, I had a really good time but I needed the following week to catch up on sleep!